About Me

Juicy facts about me.

Cameron Nokes

Hi, I'm Cameron. I like UX design, front-end development, and cheesecake.

I've been doing UX design and development for web sites and web applications since 2010.

Work & Freelance
I currently work at OrangeSoda, an online marketing company, as a UX/UI Engineer. I’m interested in freelance work though, so contact me and let me know how I can help you. You can view my portfolio for examples of my work.

How did I get started in the UX/UI field?
When BYU’s graphic design program didn’t quite pan out for me, I somehow ended up in the Psychology program and really enjoyed it. Around the same time, a job I was doing some graphic design work for decided they needed a new website—one built on this thing called WordPress. So I began learning WordPress, CSS, Javascript, and all things web design and discovered that psychology and graphic design could be combined together to help create a better user experience.